House Starr


Liege Lord: Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell
Head of House: Lord Magnus Starr
Heir Apparent: Jorn Starr
Seat of Power: Starholme

The Starrs of Starholme have held the castle nestled in the foothills of The Rills for four generations, ever since the Blackfyre Rebellion. A new house by comparison to many, they have had much good fortune over the years along with skilled leadership to shape them into a small, but significant Northern Household.

Family Members

  • Lord Magnus Starr – Lord of Starholme
  • Lady Marie Starr – Magnus’s wife, formerly of house Manning in the Riverlands.
  • Jorn Starr – Heir to Starholme, Magnus’s second and oldest living son.
  • Russell Starr – Magnus’s youngest son. A talented fighter who’s currently living at Rimehall.

Other Notable Household Members

House Starr

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