Ser Tobias

A large and powerful Hedge Knight sworn to the service of House Starr.


Abilities: Agility 4 (Quickness 1B), Animal Handling 3 (Ride 1B), Athletics 3 (Strength 2B), Awareness 3, Endurance 4 (+2), Fighting 5 (Spears 2B, Bludgeons 1B), Language 3, Marksmanship 3 (Thrown 1B), Status 3, Survival 3, Warfare 3

Intrigue Defense 8, Composure 6

Combat Defense 10/7, Health 14

Benefits: Blood of the First Men, Spear Fighter I, Bludgeon Fighter I

Drawbacks: Bound to the Bottle

Equipment: Ball and Chain (5D, 5 damage, Shattering 1), Shield (5, Defensive+2), Spear (5+2B, 3 Damage, Fast), Mail Armor (5 AR, -3 AP)


Age: 28
Born: 268

A Hedge Knight from the Reach, Tobias joined the Starr Household Guard some four years ago, and has acquitted himself as a capable warrior during his tenure with the Starrs – going so far as to be brought into their household as a Sworn Sword. In 266, he was made a member of the Northern Blades, making him a true member of the Starr household.

Ser Tobias

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