Russell Starr

Youngest son of House Starr.


Agility 3
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 4
Awareness 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 Long Blades 4B, Shields 1B, Spears 1B
Knowledge 3
Language 3
Marksmanship 3
Status 3 Stewardship 1B
Survival 3
Warfare 3 Tactics 2B
Intrigue Defense 8, Composure 9
Combat Defense 10/6, Health 9
Attractive, Long Blade Fighter I, Shield Mastery
< yet to be decided >
Superior Longsword (’Night’s Dawn’, 4D+4B+1, 5 Damage), Large Shield (4D, 2 Damage, Defensive 5), Superior Dagger (4D+1, 1 Damage, Off-hand +1, Defensive 1), Mail and Plate (6 AR, -4 AP, 3 Bulk)
Destiny Points: 1
Experience Points: 50


Age: 18
Born: 278

Tall, attractive, and deadly. Russel has always known that he’ll never sit his father’s chair — not that he’s really ever minded. He’s never had much patience for the intrigue of court or the day-to-day runnings of a household; his passion has always been with the sword. His skill with the long blade is matched within the walls of Starholme by only by his mentor and bastard brother: Argos Snow.

Despite Russell’s skill with the blade, he was out-shown by his older brother Jorn in the joust while Argos and Tygor Whils impressed the crowd during the grand melee. He’s left House Starr to live with the Luthirs of Rimehall to further his martial training through practice and experience. So far, success in the tournaments has eluded him. However, rumor has it that Lord Wyman Manderly prefers martial displays to between opponents on foot, so his hopes for the Tournament at White Harbor are high.

Russell Starr

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