Ser Naton Lugus

The heir to House Lugus.


Loud and rude, Ser Naton is a large man who loves nothing better than talk of battle and maids. He’s a skilled swordsman — although notoriety, rather than awe is usually attributed to him. Although he’s brutish, Naton has managed to survive the treacherous machinations of his siblings to take his place as the heir to his father’s seat.

Naton was bested by Jorn Starr in single combat during the Grand Tourney at King’s Landing, something that he still harbors deep resentment towards the Starr heir for. Still, the unfortunate events surrounding the tourney have removed both of Naton’s primary threats from his succession with his brother Orten on the wall and his sister Marita taken to a Sept.

Ser Naton Lugus

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