Lord Magnus Starr

Lord of Starholme, partriarch of House Starr.


Agility 3 (-1)
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 4 Long Blades 3B, Spears 1B
Knowledge 3
Language 4
Persuasion 2 Convince 1B, Incite 1B
Status 5 Stewardship 2B, Breeding 2B
Warfare 3 Strategy 1B, Command 1B
Will 3 Dedication 1B
Intrigue Defense 11, Composure 9
Combat Defense 9/4, 6 Health
Head of House, Heirloom, Long Blade Fighter I, Pious
Flaw (Agility)
Valaryian Steel Longsword (‘Warsong’, 4+3B+1, 5 Damage), Superior Dagger (4D+1, 1 Damage, Off-hand +1, Defensive 1), Large Shield (3, 1 Damage, +3 Defensive), Half-Plate Armor (9 AR, -5 AP, 3 Bulk)


Lord Magnus Starr has been a warrior his entire life. Distinguishing himself early in tourney melee as a capable and skilled warrior during his youth. Known for keeping a cool head in battle and his strong sword arm, Magnus proved himself a capable negotiator and diplomat after his brother was killed in a duel with Lord Devon Pierce.

It was not long after assuming the mantle of Lord Starr that Lord Eddard Stark called the banners to support Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, and Lord Magnus lead his household swords into battle. During the war, Magnus proved his house’s warrior reputation, often fighting on the front lines of battle. During the battle of the Trident, many say that the warriors of House Starr were the first to break the Tragareyn lines. Lord Magnus himself continued on to fight in the Red Keep alongside Lord Eddard, killing both Ser Damien Rykker and Lord Devon Pierce during the fighting. Lord Magnus desired to ride with Lord Eddard to the Tower of Joy but, was severely wounded during his duel with Ser Damien, forcing him to remain in King’s Landing.

Lord Magnus Starr

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