Jorn Starr

The heir to House Starr.


Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Fighting 4 Longblades 2B, Spears 3B
Language (Common) 3
Persuasion 3 Convince 1B, Charm 1B
Status 4 Breeding 1B
Will 4
Intrigue Defense 10, Composure 12
Combat Defense 8/3, Health 6
Favored of Nobles, Favored of Smallfolk, Heir
< yet to be decided >
Superior Longsword (‘Skybringer’, 4+2B+1, 4 Damage), Spear (4+3B, 3 Damage), Superior Dagger (4D+1, 1 Damage, Off-hand +1, Defensive 1), Large Shield (3B, 1 Damage, Defensive +4), Half-Plate Armor (9 AR, -5 AP, 3 Bulk)
Destiny Points: 1
Experience Points: 50


Age: 21
Born: 275

Jorn Became the heir to Starholme after his older brother Roy was killed unexpectedly after a stray crossbow bolt took him in the back during a hunt. Since then, Jorn has been experiencing the full benefit of being his father’s heir. His easygoing nature and ability to connect with people and hardworking ethic has earned him the respect of his father’s men.

Although his martial skill is not the equal of his younger brother’s, Jorn distinguished himself in the King’s tourney by coming in second, loosing only to Jamie Lannister in the final tilt. During the tournament, Jorn was instrumental in proving his House’s innocence in the murder of Adham Dannett — proving Orten Lugus to be behind the plot while defeating Orten’s older brother Naton in a trail by combat. After the combat, Adham’s sister Iris expressed her regret over her actions in implicating him as her brother’s murderer. Jorn surprised Iris by proposing a marriage between the two.

Even though their wedding did not go as smoothly as they had wished, Iris and Jorn have found that they are quite happy together, despite the unlikely paring (having his future lands doubled at some point in the future did not hurt his disposition towards the former prostitute). Their union has been interrupted by the failing health of her father, prompting Iris to return to Thornbow Keep to be with her father in his final days. Jorn elected to stay behind at Starholme to help his father with the recent trouble they’ve been having with the merchanting guilds.

Jorn Starr

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