Iris Starr

The daughter of Lord Alfric Dannett and his heir after the death of her brother. Now the wife of Jorn Starr.


Awareness 5 Empathy 2B
Deception 3 Act 2B
Healing 3
Knowledge 3
Language 3
Persuasion 4 Charm 2B, Seduction 2B
Status 4 Stewardship 3B
Will 4
Intrigue Defense 10, Composure 12
Combat Defense 9, Health 6
Attractive, Courteous, Keen Senses


Age: 20; Born: 278 AL

Lord Alfric’s oldest and only living child, Iris assumed the role of Lady of the House after the untimely passing of her mother. Despite her usually dutiful nature, Iris despaired to learn that she was to be wed to Ruben Piper, a fat old merchant, in exchange for taking on part of House Dannett’s debt. Rather than submit to the arrangement, Iris fled her home during the night when she was 17.

It wasn’t long before she found herself captured by a band of outlaws, who sold her to a brothel in King’s Landing after they were finished with her. Iris remained at the brothel until late in her 18th year. During the tourney at King’s Landing, she was approached by a lordling named Orten Lugus. Orten declared his love for her and promised to take her away from her life of prostitution in King’s Landing. Even still, another caught her eye during the tourney. A young man whom she discovered was the heir to his father’s household, the young Jorn Starr, whom she later bedded.

Her designs upon the young lordling were crushed soon after she learned of her brother Adham’s death – supposedly at the hands of one of Jorn Starr. This information came from Orten, who confessed to her that he had discovered a hollow in Jorn’s dagger which contained a vial of clear liquid. This discovery on Orten’s part, compounded by the clash between Jorn and her brother, led Orten to tearfully tell Iris that he believed her brother had been murdered by the Starrs.

This of course, was soon proven to be false. Iris realized that she had been led astray by Orten, and threw in with the Starrs. As Jorn prepared to duel Ser Naton, Orten’s older brother, she arrived in the yard wearing a dress in the colors of House Starr – so as to show her shift in allegiance to all gathered. She and Jorn spoke after the young Starr’s victory, and was shocked when Jorn proposed that they wed.

That was three years past. Now, Iris is the lady wife of Jorn and the lady-in-waiting to his mother. She is currently at Thornbow Hall, attending her Lord father whom has taken ill recently.

Iris Starr

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