Ser Bren the Bull

The huge bodyguard of Ser Kelvin Pierce.


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Called ‘The Bull’ for his single-minded drive against his opponents, Ser Bren is a huge man – standing just over seven feet tall — and has gained a reputation for sheer destructive power in battle. Originally a footman fighting for House Pierce during Robert’s Rebellion, he quickly distinguished himself among the levies, managing to even best two knights during the numerous battles.

On the trident, Bren saved Lord Mace’s life – a deed that was repaid when the Lord of Blackrock knighted the commoner, taking him into his household’s service in the process. In recent years, Ser Bren has become the bodyguard and companion of Ser Kelvin Pierce, Lord Mace’s third son.

In addition to his huge size, Ser Bren is notable for his choice of weaponry. His preferred weapon is a large morningstar intended for use with both hands, although his strength and size allows him to wield it as easily with a single arm.

Ser Bren the Bull

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