Ser Argos Snow

The bastard son of Lord Magnus Starr and a knight in his father's service.


Agility 4 Quickness 1B
Animal Handling 4 Ride 2B
Athletics 4 Strength 1B
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 5 Blunt 1B, Longblades 3B, Shields 1B, Spears 2B
Status 3
Thievery 2 (-1)
Warfare 3 Command 2B, Tactics 2B
Will 3
Intrigue Defense 11, Composure 9
Combat Defense 11/6, Health 12<
Armour Mastery, Bludgeon Fighter I, Long Blade Fighter I, Shield Mastery, Talented (Fighting)
Bastard-born, Flaw (Thievery)
Superior Longsword (5D+3B+2, Damage 5), Large Shield (5D+1, 2 damage, Defensive 5), Superior Dagger (5D+2, 2 damage), Ball and Chain (4D+1, 5 Damage, Powerful, Shattering 2)
Destiny Points: 1


Age: 25
Born: 269 AL

In his youth, Mangus Starr had a tryst with a serving girl of House Luthir – an affair that to a son: Argos Snow. The boy remained in the Luthir household until shortly after his third name-day, when his mother died of fever. When word reached Magnus, he returned to Rimehall and brought the boy to be raised at Starholme.

Over the years, Argos was treated as though he was a trueborn son during the times when it was just Lord Magnus and his sons, although whenever Starholme played host to a visiting Lord, Argos ate in the benches alongside the fighting men of House Starr. The disdain of Lady Marie caused House Starr’s master-at-arms, Ser Martin Manning (whom is Lady Marie’s uncle), to treat the youth with contempt – going so far as to allow some of the recruits to beat upon him in the training yard. Rather than complaining to his Lord Father, Argos fought back against the multitude of opponents Ser Martin sent against him, and slowly began to best the others. With the help of Roy and the old Captain of the Household Guard, Argos’s skill improved.

Seeing the increased hostility between Ser Manning and his bastard son, Lord Magnus arranged for Argos to be fostered with the Luthirs at Rimehold. He left at the age of 12 and returned two years later, as the North rode to support Robert Baratheon against King Aerys. When Magnus returned from the war he found Argos dressed in the armor of his household guard – and was pleased to see that Argos had made good use of his time in the South, able to best all but the most experienced of the Guard in the practice yard.

On his 16th nameday, Argos and his brother Roy competed in a melee at Torren’s Square. While Roy managed to win the joust, on the melee field it was Argos who stood victorious at the end of the day.

Three years later, when Baylon Greyjoy staged his rebellion, Argos disguised himself as a common solider and, along with his father, was among the first over the walls of Pike. During the fighting Argos saved the lives of both his Lord father and Ser William Luthir. Impressed by his skill and bravery, Ser William approached Argos after the fighting was done and had him take a knee. There, on the blood soaked battlements of Pike, Argos was remade into Ser Argos.

Swearing loyalty to his father, Ser Argos joined his father’s house as a Sworn Sword. Now a night, those who had looked down upon Argos in the past were forced to deal with Argos’s new position as a Knight. One night after a feast to celebrate their return, Ser Martin challenged Argos to a duel late one evening, in order to prove that the newly-made knight was not worthy of the title. The outcome of this duel is unknown, for they fought in the Godswood, far from the prying eyes of all but the caretaker Daymond. If Daymond saw the fight, he has yet to speak of it, leaving only speculation as to what occurred in that place. All that can be said is that Ser Martin has since ceased his attempts to undermine Argos, although his opinion of the “Bastard Knight” has remained unchanged.

Now that Ser Martin has fallen ill, Argos has taken up the role of master-at-arms, delegating leadership of the Northern Blades to Malcolm Locke.

Ser Argos Snow

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